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About us

SGC Agent (SPEEDY GLOBAL COMMERCE CO., LTD.), is registered in Hong Kong. Our offices are located in Guangzhou, the shopping center and the gate of the entry to the internacional bussiness in the southern China. We have a strategic location with respect to those main commercial and industrial centers in Guangzhou.

Our company is from China, and was founded by a group of young professionals in external trade. They are highly trained in the field of languages, passionate about interculturalism and cultural integration, and highly motivated to face all kinds of international hallenges. Their passion for travel, their communicational skills and their desire to grow and help others to grow professionally are some of the salient features of the team behind SGC Agent.

Thanks to the cooperation with some of our clients, our offices have expanded to Colombia and Venezuela. We are convinced that in the future there will be more members, with the same passion, willing to be partner of our group.

Our job is to ensure that your investment is highly profitable, and ensure that your business trip to China culminates with the biggest success. Therefore, our first mission is to facilitate and expedite the first step in the importing bussiness and to prevent the most common problems when it comes to establishing business relationships with Chinese suppliers.

Many companies have their trust in SGC Agent to import their products, and each day more and more clients are satisfied with our services because they have proved that working with SGC Agent will obtain the maximum security, confidence and efficiency when they purchase products in China.

If you have decided to embark on the adventure of import from China, if you plan to do it in a short or medium term but still have doubts, or you are interested in a particular product, please contact us.We will listen to you and orient you in everything you need.