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Search suppliers in China

It is probable that an importer, has been frustrated to only work with intermediate suppliers; or may have felt limited in front of the inability of direct contact with factories of China. This prompted us to consider the idea to assist and guide our clients to enable them to purchase products directly from the factory with the best price.

And how do we do it?

  • First, conduct a preliminary study of the product in which you are interested.We endeavor to know the maximum the product that you wish to purchase to ensure that the selected supplier meets all your requirements.

  • Secondly, we perform selection of suppliers based on geographic location. We always try to look for suppliers in the same city or region, in order to reduce costs and make your trip as much profitable as possible.

We have a portfolio of plenty suppliers in China and in different geographical areas, so we can guarantee a range of appropriate prices according to your interests and needs within five days for your evaluation.