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We have a wide base of customers, and each day more and more clients are satisfied with our services because they have proved that working with SGC Agent will obtain the maximum security, confidence and efficiency when they purchase products in China.

We have a wide range of services:search for suppliers; realization of audits and inspections in factories; tasks of guide during your business trip to China; negotiation with supplier on behalf of our clients; supervision and control of the quality of products and the whole process of delivery of the goods; realization of negotiations in customs; logistic tasks; and attention to the client during all the process.

  • Services of translation and interpretation

    Services of translation and interpretation

    We have a group of multilingual professionals, highly trained and experienced in interpretation and / or translation of the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English and Mandarin. Our interpreters have an experience of more than five years working with companies from Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Search suppliers in China

    Search suppliers in China

    It is probable that, as importer has been frustrated to only work with intermediate suppliers. This prompted us to consider the idea to assist and guide our clients to enable them to purchase products directly from the factory with the best price.

  • Verification of the supplier

    Verification of the supplier

    Internet tends to generate uncertainty and concern in many businesses and autonomies who want to buy things in China. In this case, we always performance audition in advance in factories of suppliers, in order to eliminate the concern for our clients.

  • Agenda of visiting China

    Agenda of visiting China

    We have a complete service of visit agenda, so that you don’t have to worry about anything in your business trips: informative meetings, budgets, agenda of the visit, bookings or service of accompaniment, among others.

  • Order supervisor

    Order supervisor

    In CHINA-LATIN Agent, we ensure the quality of products and the punctuality of deliveries in order that we can always fulfill the conditions and requirements of the clients. Besides, we will keep you informed about all the process of manufacture of the goods.

  • Quality inspection

    Quality inspection

    CHINA-LATIN Agent ensures that the manufactured goods complies with the features and standards required by the client. For this reason, one of our representatives will go directly to the factory to inspect the goods before loading it into the container.

  • Logistic service

    Logistic service

    Five years of experience in sending annually large volume of containers to South America bring fruit: we have signed contracts with MSK, ZIM, HANJIN, CMA, COSCO, EVERGREEN and HAMBURG SUD. The signing of these mentioned contracts allows us to offer exclusive prices.