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China is a country full of business opportunities in the field of importation. However, it is necessary to take into account that the success of the first import operation depends on a complex process.

There are various inconvenients of making a business trip to the giant Asian: the long geographical distance between your country and China, cultural shocks, communicational difficulties, or the big dispersion of the different industrial areas of China are some of these crucial factors to consider before starting business with Chinese companies.

For this reason, consultative service of purchase and translation will facilitate your first operation of importation in China. In SGC Agent, we attend to all the needs of foreign companies in relation to the acquisition of the desired products with a competitive price throughout the entire China geographically.

We have five years of experience in the purchasing sourcing in China, and we have a dynamic, responsible, patient and proactive team; all of which allows us to guide you along the buying process in China with the best guarantees in order to ensure that your entry in China is a sucess.