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Our company specializes in offering assistance to import from China. Our ultimate goal is to make import operations of our customers safer, simpler and more effective.

We act as your external buyer and your representative and agent in China, and for this we have a wide range of services: search for suppliers and sourcing; audits and inspections in factories; tasks guide during your business trip to China; negotiate with suppliers on behalf of our clients; supervision and quality control of products, as well as the whole process of delivery of the goods; making representations to customs; logistic tasks; and customer service throughout the process, in order to solve any problem that may arise and to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination within the deadline and without incidents.

And how do we specifically do all the process? Here we will explain in summary what steps you would take by importing with us.

  • First, you have to send us specific information and reference photos on the type of product you want to purchase. With this information that you send to us, we can get a rough idea to get going with the first task: look for Chinese suppliers that produce the product in which you are interested, with the price required and only selecting those who are totally reliable. After getting different quotes from different manufacturers,we would send them and you could study them. In this sense, we want to clarify that the first quotations of four or five suppliers are free, but if after the first quote you want to find more options and you want us to make a new search of Chinese manufacturers, the second service would cost $150 .
  • Once you have selected one or more suppliers that seem suitable and you have chosen the products you are interested, we would contact with suppliers and we would ask for samples of those items. The shipping and samples costs are borne by the buyer, even though the samples are sometimes offered by manufacturers free of charges. After verifying that the samples are satisfactory in quality and materials, the following step would be to take the order. Here we can take care of negotiating with manufacturers to get the best price. When we got a price that seems reasonable, we would do all the paperwork to get the goods to your nearest port without any problem. Also would fight to get the cheapest freight. Throughout the process, we would send you order status updates and the documents necessary to take back the goods in the port of destination. In short, we take care to safeguard your interests and your investment in China in every step of the import process.

Throughout all the process, we would send you order status updates via email, telephone, videoconference and Whatsapp, and we will handle all the documents required to take back the goods in the port of destination. Before the delivery of the commodities, we also would contact you to book the container, so that your goods are issued immediately and there is no delay and no additional costs. In case you need our advice concerning customs procedures in the destination, we will recommend you customs brokers with whom we collaborate regularly Therefore. you will import from China without interruptions or upheavals.

In short, we take care to safeguard their interests and their investment in China in every step of the import process.